Friday, 02. March, 18:30
Presentation of Art Projects: ‘Arte da Rubare / Art to be stolen’, ‘Brazzart’ and ‘Vacuum’

Wednesday, 07. March, 18:30
Presentation: ‘How a title can influence the meaning of a painting’

Friday, 23. March, 18:30
Presentation of the Catalogue and the first Zeitwille Book

Friday, 30. March, 18:30
Finissage with interactive Live-painting

Why do we go to vernissages? I thought as I observed the crowd at the Zeitwille opening. It was a typical vernissage crowd. Well dressed, less well dressed, old and young (more young this time around, though) and the occasional journalist taking notes in front of the pictures. But in general, apart from the journalists who are obviously there for work, what are people’s reasons for going to vernissages? Because they know the artist or are friends with the artist’s parents? To see and be seen? Because they happened to pass by? Did they come for the free drinks perhaps? Or because they are genuinely interested in art?



Giovedì 11 Gennaio 2018 presentazione del volume "Alberto Moravia: non so perchè non ho fatto il pittore".


Alessandra Grandelis

Carmen Llera Moravia

Edoardo Sassi

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