Malamegi Lab.13 Art Prize


We are pleased to announce the dates of “Malamegi LAB 13” final exhibition, which will be held from 28 September to 11 October 2019 in Rome, in the spaces of 28 Fine Art Gallery, Piazza di Pietra 28 - Rome - Italy.

The exhibition presents works by 13 international artists: Anetta Ay-Man (Russian Fede- ration), Bryan Ley (France), Chirag Jindal (New Zealand), Christopher Sheils (Austra- lia), Giotto Andrea Riva (Italy), Gordon Ellis-Brown (United Kingdom), Grégoire Vorpe (Switzerland), Karla Kantorovich (Mexico), Ling-Li Wang (Taiwan), Naama Freedman (Israel), Sarah Leahy (United States of America), Yumi Yagi (Japan).


Anetta Ay-Man
Bryan Ley
Chirag Jindal
Christopher Sheils
Giotto Andrea Riva
Gordon Ellis-Brown
Gregoire Vorpe
Karla Kantorovich
Ling-Li Wang
Naama Freedman
Sarah Leahy
Yumi Yagi


The exhibition traces the emergent contemporary art’s current trends, spanning different generations, their practices traversing the disciplines of contemporary artistic creation.

This collective show combines harmless subjects like the geometric photography of Anet- ta Ay-Man and the painting of Sarah Leahy with very loaded imagery like the video of the Israeli artist Naama Freedman, the still life of Giotto Andrea Riva on human vices or the mixed technique of Gordon Ellis-Brown who focuses on aspects of modern day and spa- ce exploration, by creating a play on our relationship with the universe.

Textile work of Karla Kantorovich, Ling-Li Wang’s strange oniric sculpture, Yumi Yagi’s handmade mix media, as well as Bryan Lay’s painting attempt to show the complexity of the relationship between the form and the body of either an animal or of a person.
Each artist, through different mediums, investigates the multi-facet perspectives and aspects of the world we live in: while the conceptual work of Gregoire Vorpe ironizes on our connection with technology, the photograph of Christopher Sheils creates a fictional temporal space, as well as the work of New Zealand artist Chirag Jindal depicting an unseen, dilapidated landscape devastated by rapid urban sprawl.

Among all participants of the exhibition, Malamegi Lab will allot 4 different prizes, that will be notificated at the end of the exhibition: - cash prize - acquisition prize of one artwork - monography art book prize - Malamegi collection prize.

Opening: Saturday, September 28, 2019 at 18:30.

The curators:
Massimo Toffolo (main curator of Malamegi Lab, Italy)
Margherita Jedrzejewska (curator of Malamegi Lab, Italy/Poland)

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