Andrea Mete

Stesso Cielo

Opening: 3rd of April 2014 h 6.30 pm
Exhibition: 4th of April - 11th of May 2014


28 Piazza di Pietra presents from the 3rd of April to the 11th of May 2014 “Stesso Cielo”, Andrea Mete’s latest photographic project.

Artistic talent has been defined as the ability, when observing outside reality, to grasp the uniqueness of an object, a human figure, a landscape and feeling “touched” by the distinct quality of its lines, movements and colours. As a result the object not only exists, but lives and communicates, revealing through the mute language of shape a wider and more universal meaning.

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Out of all the visual arts photography is the one which best represents objective reality, yet without the artist’s sensibility and his capacity to “look” through the lenses, what would remain would be a mere technical practice. The act of looking is different from the act of seeing. To see is not enough.

Andrea Mete’s photographs are instinctive images, but are at the same time taken in their aesthetic dimension. They reveal the author s innate curiosity and his capability to observe, to feel, and through this sensation transmit his gaze’s surprise, the emotion he lives and which he reflects through his shots, to then share and allow others to experience again in other places and other moments.

Andrea’s photographic “tale” takes inspiration from his numerous travels and is the result of a selection amongst hundreds of images through which he fixes, in the instant he takes a picture, unique moments, absent a second before, gone the next; Mete observes the world from constantly different perspectives and for this reason never banal ones, the originality of the angles he chooses, the use of light and colour give the photographs a sometimes abstract perception. The artist’s curiosity and intuition bring Mete to relentlessly search for a never predictable beauty, through paths others don’t cross or close.

What Mete shows us is a fragmented story; with alternating faces, objects, landscapes, diverse and distant “subjects” but joined together by a recurring theme which leads them back to the author and through which the viewer recognizes him.




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